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Every day is a struggle with your child.

Shopping for groceries can turn into a tantrum-filled ordeal without warning. And simple trips to the mall become power struggles that end in tears (yours and theirs).

You can feel the judgmental glances and hear the whispers of others. Thinking of what they must be saying about you brings hot tears to your eyes.

Bedtime brings no relief; in fact, it’s often the hardest part of the day. It’s nearly impossible to calm an anxious and demanding child that won’t be reassured; you feel helpless and clueless.

You knew parenting would be challenging, but you weren’t prepared for this.

People warned you about the endemic clutter, the utter exhaustion, and moments of sheer frustration.

But you didn’t realize you’d be constantly pushed to your edge.

Now, you find yourself wondering if you should even have had kids.

This is not how you pictured motherhood.

You decorated the nursery, gushed at the baby shower, and poured through baby books. You promised yourself you would be a different parent than yours. You were ready.

But then the reality of a screaming, messy, uncooperative baby during a sleep strike arrived, and you are SO not ready.

So, you’re winging it. But you find yourself coming too close to losing it, and it scares you.

You blame yourself for these struggles.

“It’s my fault,” you repeat again and again. “I must be doing something wrong.”

You try to push these thoughts away and have resigned yourself to the fact that you just have a “high-maintenance baby.”

But thinking about their future inspires dread, and you wish there were some way to help them before things get any worse.

Something has to change.

Your entire life has been turned upside down, and you alternate between anxiety-riddled freakout mode and being deadened and dulled to the joy all around you.

The stress is affecting not only you but your child. And it’s hindering their ability to manage their thoughts and emotions.

You know you can’t do this alone any longer and need support to help your child get through it. But who can you trust with these feelings, this reality?

I can help you respond more effectively.

Discover the relief that comes from achieving a level of resolution, connection, and understanding you didn’t know was possible.

Imagine having someone to help you understand exactly what is going on with your child when they cry, resist sleep, or boycott food – who can teach you the tools to resolve it.

Finally, you can feel confident as a parent and trust that your child is on a path toward self-assurance, emotional literacy, great friends, and successful life.

Now is the time.

You know that something needs to shift.

Allow yourself this gift.

Hi, I’m Dylan.

I’ve spent my entire adult life focused on improving the life and well-being of families like yours.

Instead of the band-aid temporary efforts of working to address just your child’s behavior, I help them, and you, understand the roots of their feelings, what’s driving the behavior, and how it affects all of you.

Through authentic interactions and without judgment, we’ll use science-based, cutting-edge methods that are gentle, playful, and effective at giving your child the space and tools to process their feelings.

Watching families grow and thrive makes me come alive, and if I had a hand in it, my heart could burst out of my chest!

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Give your child their best shot at a bright future.

Let go of the shame and commit to an investment in your child, your family, and yourself.

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